VELUX Quality

VELUX Unique Design

Design is just as important as functionality. Our slim profiles and large selection of colours and designs secure perfect integration with your VELUX roof window and room.

Slim Lines

When fitted correctly the bevel joint corners have a smooth finish. But installing a frame with bevel joints can be very tricky. That’s why VELUX has a patented fitting that ensures a perfect fit every time. When your VELUX blinds are installed the joint corners will come together nice and seamlessly, also as a do-it-yourself project.

Slim Profile

With their extra slim profiles VELUX blinds are elegant and discreet so when your blind is not in use – your room gets as much daylight as possible And the side rails won’t obstruct your view or change the appearance of your window. You might not even notice that the slim aluminum and top casing are there at all.

Slim Top Case

We aim to create products that are visually as pleasing as they are functional. With this in mind – we developed the slimmest top case available. In fact, the aluminum top case is just as slim as the as the frame’s side rails. This provides our VELUX blinds a discrete and aesthetic design perfectly integrated in the design of the VELUX roof window.  The slim top case let in more daylight and makes it seem as if the blind disappears as it glides open. The double roll mechanism also secures that that the front of the blind is never exposed to sunlight   - to prevent the fabric from fading.

Easy Operation

Forget lopsided – difficult to open blinds. All VELUX blinds come with a unique ergonomic control bar that that lets you comfortably open the blind from any angle. The entire blind opens smoothly - and evenly. The VELUX control bar is so slim and integrated in the design that you will barely notice that it’s there.


The world’s top performing and best looking blinds are built to last. VELUX blinds are rigorously tested to ensure that you and your home benefits from flawless operation and minimal fading for many years to come. Our mechanical tests push our products to the limit. We subject our blinds to a rigorous round of tests, including opening and closing them thousands of times to guarantee that they are of highest quality. By dragging the textile and the tiny balls from each other by extreme force, we make sure that you never have to worry about the operation of your VELUX blind, it stays tight.

The ultimate test of our products and components – the heat test! We expose our blinds to extreme heat to make sure that they stand the power of the sun.  Only one blind on the market can make total blackout. That’s the VELUX Blackout Blind. We test that the VELUX Blackout Blind blocks out all light – night and day – by exposing the cloth to thousands of watts.

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