Cleaning VELUX Blinds

All VELUX decoration and sunscreening products are made for a lifetime of wear-resistant performance. Many of our fabrics are specially treated to repel dust and dirt. 

Cleaning Methods

We strongly recommend you use the following methods when cleaning your VELUX product.


Regular dusting maintains a like-new appearance of most blinds & shading.


Vacuum gently with a brush attachment of any vacuum cleaner.


Spot-clean shades and blinds with a soft cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water. Dab gently to avoid creasing or damaging the fabric. Rubbing can damage fabrics.

Aluminum Blinds

Reduce build-up of static electricity by applying a very thin film of detergent on all slats and vanes.

Tips About Fabrics

Do not use magnetic cleaners such as a dusting mitt on room-darkening fabrics. This will damage the roomdarkening backing.
When cleaning any window, apply the cleaner to a cloth rather than spraying directly onto the window. This will prevent damage to the fabrics by splattering cleaning fluid. While some fabric shades/shadings may seem perfect for outdoor use, all of them can be recommended for indoor use only.

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